25 People Who Totally Look Like Cartoon Characters

The next time someone tells you that you look like a cartoon character, don’t consider that as a joke. Look yourself closely in the mirror. Maybe you look like some of your favorite cartoon characters.

There is a whole bunch of people in the world who look like cartoon characters from various cartoons, especially from “The Simpsons.” In this article, we will feature such people who strongly resemble your favorite cartoon characters. You won’t believe how some people can look like cartoons. Let’s have a look at the 25 People Who Totally Look Like Cartoon Characters:

#25 – Cletus Delroy from the Simpsons

The creators of “The Simpsons” animated sitcom never expected that their hilarious animated sitcom would become the longest-running sitcom produced in the United States. This funny animated sitcom features the adventures of the Simpson family, which are the main characters. However, besides Marge, Homer, Lisa, and Lisa, there are also a lot of other recurring characters such as Cletus Delroy.

Cletus is portrayed as a stereotypical redneck and as a dull person. Now, this guy in the photo above is Cletus’ doppelganger in the human form. And most surprisingly, this guy is also a redneck and he is also incredibly dull just as his cartoon doppelganger, Cletus Delroy.